Marijuana’s Big Future Is In Small Dose Edibles

Photo: Chicago Reader

Photo: Chicago Reader

Remember when your mom told you to not eat too much candy or you’d get sick? Well, she was right. Marijuana edibles are delicious gifts from heaven, but if you eat too many they could be your worst nightmare.

Maureen Dowd found out the hard way when she took two bites out of a marijuana edible and proceeded to curl up into a ball in her Denver hotel room and had a panic attack. The following day when she woke up she realized that the bar was supposed to be broken up into 16 pieces, not two huge bites.

The marijuana edible industry has been booming for quite some time but with new patients popping up daily the warning messages sometimes get lost in the excitement. Bloomberg reported that just 17 percent of edibles are accurately labeled with the proper THC level, according to a June 2015 research letter published by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Edibles are an excellent way to medicate for people who need long lasting effects. However, you should only consume as much as needed because taking too much before it starts to take effect can easily lead to over medicating.

You have to crawl before you walk and you have to walk before you can run. The same is true about edibles, you have to establish your personal tolerance level before you can properly dose, so even though all of your friends are eating the whole cookie, wait 30 minutes. What we are trying to say is, don’t over do it when it comes to edibles because too much can lead to unwanted results.

The new trend of many marijuana edible companies is to lower the dose by producing smaller sized edibles. This will allow people to take a look at what they are consuming and know that each piece only has a certain amount of THC.

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