Medical Importance Of Cannabis Ruderalis


Medical Importance Of Cannabis Ruderalis Vs Sativa or Indica

Medical Importance Of Cannabis Ruderalis 

Cannabis ruderalis is a species of cannabis native to central Russia.  Although it exists in the wild, it is less common than other varieties of the cannabis plant.  Unlike cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis produces flowers based on the age of the plant, rather than the light cycle.  This means that cannabis ruderalis is autoflowering, making it convenient for breeding purposes.  Cannabis ruderalis has less THC than other cannabis species, although it does have a higher cannabidiol (CBD) content.  This high CBD content is what makes cannabis ruderalis so important to the medical marijuana community.

A wide range of medical benefits has been discovered about CBD.  Patients who suffer from a variety of mental disorders, including anxiety, depression, psychosis, and neurodegenerative disorders can benefit from the CBD. The CBD in cannabis ruderalis  is an antipsychotic and antidepressant as well.  CBD also combats tumors and cancer cells.  CBD also treats   Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

The psychoactive THC effects are what many people use and enjoy cannabis mainly for, cannabis ruderalis is not advised to “get high” off of.  This is due to the fact that it’s THC content is so low.   In the Medical community, these are the main reasons why CBD is used.

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