Medical Marijuana Patients In California Get The Very First Luxury Lounge


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Medical marijuana users in California finally get the very first luxury lounge.

While some medical marijuana card holders in San Francisco will finally have a place to call home, or at least act like they are at home, it will come with a cost.

Harvest on Geary is destined to become the first San Francisco luxury lounge pot boutique, but like many things in the bay area, being a member of this luxury lounge will come with a high price tag. Aside from having to adhere to “certain standards” members will have to fork up a $100 monthly membership fee. Marty Higgins, the owner of Harvest, recently told The Guardian the lounge will also have “an industry standard screening process”.

This may seem like a big step for the medical marijuana industry, but some marijuana advocates see it as a step in the wrong direction. Shona Gochenaur, a marijuana advocate, reminisces about the “good old days” when being in a marijuana club/lounge “felt like you were in someone’s apartment. It was always packed….someone would light a huge joint for everyone, and you’d leave pain-free,” she says. “What we have is a takeover… patients are being pushed out hard.” Higgins comes to the defense of his lounge by saying “We have former patients of the Hemp Center that love Harvest”.  To be clearn, Hemp Center was the most recent name for Harvest, and changed just a year and a half ago.

Some people will prefer the exclusivity of being a member of the first luxury lounge, but we don’t think we will see patients lining up down the block anytime soon.  It is also important to note that San Francisco is home to the few medical marijuana dispensaries who are permitted to allow patients to consume on-site, and although they aren’t kicking up their feet on mid-century modern leather ottomans, we’re almost certain the marijuana tastes the same.

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