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Full Review: The Best Dab Pen?

Let me start by saying that almost all concentrate pens use the same technology.  They’re usually modified ecigs that vaporize wax instead of liquid and as such the operation and function don’t vary much.  That being said, I feel like the Medicali Pen is worth a mention because while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel; it does have some nice features.  With $100 price point it manages to stay affordable while getting a lot of things right that companies like Atmos tend to forego.

Design Changes:

One of the best design changes is the pen like top that comes on the Medicali.  Now the pen design doesn’t matter much the fact that the cover that goes over the mouthpiece is threaded.  This makes it substantially easier to connect and make sure that you don’t lose it or have it fall off.  Unfortunately, only the top piece is threaded and the chamber that holds the wax is just a standard slide cover which is prone to falling off. This design flaw is quite annoying.  The chamber itself is easily reached and unlike most vape pens it is not deeply recessed so loading it is much simpler.

That right there almost makes the Medicali my preferred pen.  Deep chambers get so messy and waste so much product that this idea seems like it should be common sense by now.  Yet Medicali are the only ones to implement it so effectively.

The glass covering is only secured by a rubber O-ring and while it does the job I feel that after many uses it could degrade and become a source of frustration.  Medicali is nice enough to include a second atomizer for when the first inevitably breaks.  Drawing is smooth but not as nice as the Atmos RX.  Everything else is pretty standard.  So in conclusion, if you don’t currently have an ecig battery and want a pen just for wax under $100 then definitely go with the Medicali.  However if you do have an ecig battery already then I’d recommend just buying a glass dome as they’re about half the price and function the same.

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