MedMen CEO Joins USA TODAY’s Healthcare Panel

MedMen CEO Adam Bierman discusses the benefits of medical marijuana at USA TODAY’s One Nation: Healthcare discussion.

MedMen CEO Adam Bierman joined the panel for USA Today’s One Nation series covering the topic of healthcare in the United States. Joined by four other healthcare professionals, Bierman touted the benefits of medical marijuana as a healthcare option, citing several studies including a recent RAND study showing a decrease in opioid use in states with legally protected dispensaries. Taking examples from countries that have integrated marijuana into their medical systems and seen economic and health benefits, Bierman challenged the progress of the American healthcare system.

The audience of mostly millennials expressed support for medical marijuana as an alternative to prescription drugs, which can have numerous and severe side effects. Holistic and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals are popular amongst this group, making medical marijuana a relevant topic for the upcoming election.

One Nation is a series of ten events across the U.S. that hosts the greatest minds, musicians, and celebrities showcasing a no-holds-barred, 360-degree perspective of key issues ranging from immigration to innovation.

The event series is geared toward younger voters, specifically millennials, with the intention of creating a forum to discuss issues that matter to them. For more information visit the One Nation website.

Photos from USA TODAY’s One Nation: Healthcare discussion:

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MedMen CEO Adam Bierman joins the panel for USA TODAY’s One Nation: Healthcare panel and speaks about medical marijuana.

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USA TODAY’s One Nation: Healthcare discussion host turns the mic over to the crowd.

Adam Bierman educates the crowd at USA TODAY

Adam Bierman asks the crowd about medical marijuana in Canada

MedMen CEO Adam Bierman asks “Show of hands–who knows that medical marijuana is legal in Canada?”