Meet Chloe


Name: Chloe
Height:  5’4
Eyes: Brown
Favorite Smoking Device:  Bong, it’s the cleanest hit
Favorite Hightivity:  Go outside, be in nature, go swimming in the ocean, and smoke more… I feel at peace in nature and I can appreciate it more fully. I like getting high
Favorite Stoned Sex Position: My favorite thing about high sex is the foreplay. My ideal high sex experience would include music, ambient lighting, and lots and lots of foreplay.
Favorite Strain:  Blueberry Haze

Chloe is all about peace and love. Her “gone with the wind” persona makes it easy to be in her presence. Her beautiful lively spirit can change the mood in any room. She loves to be out in nature exploring and experiencing new things. Full of good vibes, she will not only put a smile on your face, but will fill your mind with nothing but positivity.

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