Meet Courtney


Name: Courtney
Height:  5’5
Eyes:  Brown
Favorite Smoking Device:  I prefer a blunt. It’s easier to pass without having to relight.
Favorite Hightivity:  I like laughing and talking with my friends. I also like listening to music and dancing. Flirting with girls is also pretty fun while I’m high.
Favorite Stoned Sex Position: I like being on top.
Favorite Strain:  Blue Cheese

Courtney is what we like to call a triple threat – sassy, fierce and hot. Whenever she’s around, the room becomes full of laughter. She loves having fun and making sure the people around her are having a good time as well. But wait, there’s more. Courtney is also an amazing singer! She prefers sativas to indicas because they are more uplifting, which makes sense because Courtney is bound to be the life of a party.

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