Meet Jeana


Name: Jeana
Height:  5’6
Eyes:  Green
Favorite Smoking Device:  Blunts, all the way!
Favorite Hightivity:  Eating candy
Favorite Stoned Sex Position: Doggy, always
Favorite Strain:  Purple Haze

Part African American, Caucasian, Native American and Filipino, Jeana is truly a rare breed, and damn, is she gorgeous. There’s no doubt you will fall in love with her beautiful soul the moment you lay eyes on her. Remarkably, Jeana’s ethnic background isn’t the only diverse part of her life. When she isn’t blessing the camera with her good looks, Jeana is delving into “behind the scenes” activities, such as photography and social media. No need to be intimidated, Jeana is as silly as she is talented, able to keep those around her in good spirits.