Meet Rayne

Name: Rayne
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Where was the first place you smoked?  At my cool uncle’s farm house. I was still in high school but he was only like 24 at the time. He would hide his pot in the horse barn. The first time I found it, I was getting ready to go for a ride. I still don’t think he knows it was me that found it. LOL!
Hobbies: Horse back riding, Hunting, Mudding
Favorite stoner movie? How High
How do you like to toke?  I like blunts — they are strong, and you can put a good amount of weed in them.
What is a special talent of yours?  I used to barrel race when I was a kid — I was the cutest little pink cowgirl, and also the fastest! Yee-Haw!!
Worst job you have ever had? I had to work at my family’s gas station for awhile outside of high school, and it was so boring! But at least I had all the munchies in the world!

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