Microsoft Becomes First Big Corporation To Enter Into Cannabusiness

Image Credit:  Macroproject

Image Credit: Macroproject

If you are an avid High Finance Report fans, you have probably already heard of KIND Financial.  If you haven’t, let us introduce them.  KIND Financial creates a software that tracks cannabis from seed to sale, and keeps businesses securely in compliance with various rules and regulations.

Well, it has just been announced that Microsoft will be joining forces with KIND to launch this software, making them the first big corporation to enter the weed industry.  The software will be a new product in Microsoft’s cloud computing, and will help states keep better tabs on sales, ensuring that they are not breaking any laws.  According to the New York Times, Microsoft is able to make this jump into cannabusiness because they are such a well established company, and can therefore take risks that smaller companies cannot.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft is based in Washington, a state where recreational marijuana has been legalized, and Bill Gates actually voted pro-legalization in 2014.  Because Microsoft is now paving the way for other large companies to enter into the cannabis realm, we here at Stoned Girls are interested to see what this means for both federal legalization, as well as banking regulations.  We will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of not only Microsoft’s foray into cannabusiness, but cannabis culture as a whole!