Take A Look Inside Mindful – One Of Denver’s Premiere Cannabis Companies


To be mindful is to be conscious and cognizant of your surroundings. Mindful Grow and Dispensary takes this mantra to heart by encouraging their staff and everyone who consumes their product to be vigilant in pursuing a more aware consciousness everyday.

“[Being mindful is] a lifestyle, it’s a choice and we hope that cannabis becomes an enhancer to that choice.” CEO, Meg Sanders said. “Whether it’s solving a problem for you or helping you manage problems you might have in your life. We really are behind this entire mindful lifestyle. We believe our brand helps to enhance that choice.”

Stoned Media Group got the chance to tour all 29,000 square feet of Mindful’s growing and processing facility in Denver, Colorado. We walked into the very white and pristine lobby, signed in and got suited up in our white lab coats. Sanders guided us through the extremely secure building, to rooms upon rooms of different plants, ranging in sizes and smell. We were able to see every stage of the plant’s process from clone to harvested flower. Everything was extremely well organized and you could tell the staff were excited to be there and share their knowledge with us.

Once the tour was over, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sanders and discussing everything that makes a business like Mindful successful. As Sanders began to answer our questions, her passion for her company, plants and staff really shone through. She started by telling us the pure facts: from clone to harvest, the process for the plant lasts about 120 days; expounding upon the long commitment it is to try to recreate mother nature. Producing 450lbs of flower a month is no small undertaking. From beginning to end it requires expertise and constant hands-on management. One thing is for sure: Mindful is a data driven company and Sanders wouldn’t have it any other way. “You don’t present me with a number without backing it up,” Sanders said. “That’s just how it works.”

After first opening their doors with a hope and a prayer in 2010, six years later their facility is finally where they need it to be. Starting up in such an uncharted industry, there were many things they needed to learn and a lot of it was trial and error. Every detail matters and is kept track of: humidity in one room versus the other, the weather outside, the temperature inside, the type of soil, the amount of light one plant is exposed to; this list could go on forever.  Sanders explains that growing cannabis is a game of inches, and that the little details are what matter. She employs several engineers and a data analyst who has created their own software in order to mine all of their data. Keeping track of all of these numbers is essential for any operation, not to mention one of this magnitude. “Data is only as good as those that are interpreting it,” Sanders said. “We are always trying to mix and match and mash it up to figure out what is the tiny adjustment that we have to make.”

“I am so proud of that information that we capture. Keep in mind that this is such a young industry, and people are still trying to figure out how to get in and what can we do, to be able to give people some idea as they are deciding, making career decisions I think it’s a really helpful tool.” Beaming, Sanders declares “We love to attract new talent, always. We have really awesome talent, you’ve walked by a ton of degrees.”
It’s obvious that this company, the employees and their CEO live up to their Mindful name.

Watch our video tour below!

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