Monkey O’s Takes Smoke Tricks To The Next Level


Monkey O’s make smoking your weed a little more fun

Smoke tricks have always been and will always be cool as shit.

If you can even do something as simple as a few smoke rings, you will immediately be the coolest guy at the party.  We all practice long and hard to be able to do even the simplest of tricks. Yet now thanks to Monkey O’s, being able to impress your stoner pals has never been easier.

Monkey O’s is very similar to a hand held filter for your smoke. Yet, instead of ridding the atmosphere of the weed smoke and smell, it actually turns it into glorious smoke rings.

To use Money O’s, first, you want to grab your money by it’s ears.  Next, blow from the small end of the monkey.  Ok, you’ve got the basic motion down pat.

Next, you want to take a pretty sizeable hit.  Then, blow the smoke into that small end of the monkey, and create beautiful smoke rings.  Wondering why it’s called Money O’s?  Well, in order to create the smoke rings, you have to mimic the “Ooh and ahh” sound a monkey makes with your mouth when you blow.

If that was a little hard to follow, here is a video featuring a smoking hot girl to show you how Monkey O’s works.

Pretty cool, huh?  That’s not all.  You can actually take it way back to your childhood and blow smokey bubbles with Money Os.  Here’s a video explaining it (featuring a hot girl, of course).

You can buy your very own Money O’s here, and at only $10, there’s no reason not to be the coolest guy at the next smoke sesh.

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