Montel Williams Got Detained At A German Airport For Weed

Image Credit:  Inquisitr

Image Credit: Inquisitr

By a show of hands, who here has seen Brokedown Palace?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Ok, well if you haven’t, and you’re a big fan of marijuana AND travel, let us give you a quick overview:

Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale play two best friends who take a girls vacay to Hawaii together after graduating from high school.  But instead of going to Hawaii, Danes talks Beckinsale into going to Thailand instead.  Beckinsale meets a handsome Australian man and lets him convince her and Danes to come to Hong Kong with him for the day – his treat.  At the Thai airport, both girls are seized and arrested.

Why?  Because no one will ever give you a free trip to Hong Kong just because.  Turns out, Handsome Australian Guy is a drug smuggler, and he put some very illegal things in the girls’ bags.  They get sentenced to 33 years in prison, which is lenient compared to the life sentence Thai law dictates.

Anyway, we tell you all this to prove to say that having drugs in a foreign country can be terrifying.  

Montel Williams, who has been treating his multiple sclerosis with marijuana for years, was on vacation with his family last Friday when he had a run in with German authorities at Frankfort Airport after being caught with marijuana in his carry on bag – and, plot twist, they couldn’t have been nicer!

The Germans requested verification that Williams was, in fact, an MMJ patient in the US, and after proof was given in customs, the former talk show host was released.  How long was he detained, you might wonder?  Less than an hour.

“Montel thought this is how Germany treats this issue, with compassion and he’s very pleased,” said William’s rep, Jonathan Franks. “Montel uses a small amount of keif, less than a gram, that he didn’t realize was in his bag nor would he have left it in his bag. It was not an intentional thing, and he takes responsibility for that, but it’s necessary for his illness and it’s written on a prescription by a world class neurologist specializing in MS.”

Apparently Montel has never seen Brokedown Palace.

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