Motorist in Phoenix Meets Super Troopers

Photo: Sumidiot

Photo: Sumidiot

“Super Troopers” in Arizona Resign After Forcing Motorist to Eat Marijuana

Three police officers in Arizona have resigned after allegedly forcing a motorist to eat marijuana during a traffic stop. Officers Jason McFadden, Michael Carnicle and Richard Pina have all chosen to resign from the Phoenix police department after a traffic stop that went awry in mid-september. Time reported that the officers were making a routine traffic stop when they found about a gram of marijuana inside the car of a 19-year-old driver whom they pulled over.

Allegedly the police officers forced the motorist to eat the drugs to avoid going to jail, the police chief said. The incident went completely unnoticed until the motorist filed a complaint after he began to feel ill after being stopped, which prompted an internal investigation. Also involved in the disciplinary actions was a patrol Lieutenant who was made aware of the incident and failed to take immediate action. All of the Phoenix police officers were all within their first year with the police department.

We think that this is getting pretty out of hand, officers are using the uniform they were given and taking advantage of the authoritarian role that they have in the community. Although, this incident seems incredibly minor compared to most recent news of the police using lethal force during traffic stops, it’s important to note that small infractions lead to major issues if they aren’t dealt with in the proper way. We commend the police chief for standing with the motorist who was probably scared for his life.

If we were the motorist we probably would have done the same thing because who knows what would happen if you chose to defy the police. That’s the thing, we shouldn’t be scared or intimidated by these people who have sworn under oath the serve and protect us. It’s getting out of hand, every situation where someone is taken advantage of by someone else just because of their position in the community needs to be addressed and dealt with, we can’t live scared anymore.

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