15 Myths You Believed About Weed That Are So Totally Busted

Image Credit:  Loan City Home Loans

Image Credit: Loan City Home Loans

1.  Pot is addictive. 

suck dick for coke

People have been trying to claim this for years. Marijuana is not an addictive substance.  No one’s getting the shakes because they didn’t get their fix for the day.


2.  Stoners are fat and lazy. 


A lot of people try to say that all stoners look like “The Guy On The Couch,” when in reality a lot of very active people, including professional athletes, use cannabis for it’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities.  And also because it’s amazing.


3.  People who smoke pot will never amount to anything.

steve jobs

Umm, Steve Jobs anyone? Or maybe Carl Sagan.


4.  Smoking weed is bad for you. 


We’re not going to get into the science behind it, well, because we already did. See In The Know:  Smoking Weed And Your Lungs.  Also, just eat your weed or vape like all of the other millennials.


5.  Marijuana is a gateway into a troubled lifestyle. 


Yes, because peaceful hippies and intellects are very dangerous.


6.  There is no real medicinal purpose. 


Half of the country disagrees with you, so whoever really believes this needs to let it go.


7.  THC gets stored in your fat cells and can affect you days, or even weeks, later. 

acid flashback

What? No one is having pot “flashbacks.”

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