Naked Weed Report: 420 Episode

Pack the bowl full of your best bud.  Sit back and let the smoking hot anchors of naked weed report inform you of all the cannabis news.

There is no better place than Naked Weed Report for fun, informative news featuring the hottest anchors around! This episode is a very special because its the April 20th episode, 420 for short. It features highlights of the Stoned Girls visit to the High Times Cannabis Cup along with an exclusive interview with the Broken Lizard crew.  Cannabis news has not looked better, you will never know what you are going to learn or what will pop up, or out. Check back every Monday for the latest in news, celebrity gossip, dumb criminals, and 420 happenings all over the nation.

See more episodes at!  While you are there, check out the anchor profiles, bloopers, and all the behind the scenes wackiness.

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