Bitch, Are You High? Nancy Grace Says Weed Is Dangerous


Nancy Grace is a disgrace to mankind — she should not be taken seriously…ever. Here at Stoned Girls, we usually don’t have negative things to say about people, but this bitch is a fucking joke and is referred to by TYT University news anchor John Iadarola as “one of the stupidest people allowed to be on TV!” For someone who is as educated as she is, it’s unfortunate that she has no common sense or street smarts. What is also disheartening — says Iadarola’s co- anchor Cenk Uygur — is that she is “encouraged to be on TV with a ridiculously high salary.” In fact, her style of reporting has often been referred to as “emotional porn” for her followers. In other words, she likes to get people all worked up over various issues surrounding the media and as she likes to call it “victims rights.”

Recently on the Nancy Grace Moron power hour, Grace tackles the controversial topic of Marijuana. She of course gets her audience riled up with the screaming and the constant babble of bullshit — and bad pant suits if you ask me — by telling them that, when she was a prosecutor, she had seen many times where pot had ruined people’s lives. Grace goes on to tell the world a dramatic fabricated story of a stockbroker who was “addicted to pot,” lost her job, wrecked her car, and couldn’t make her house payments, so her husband got custody of their children. She continues to captivate her obviously misinformed audience by painting this horrific picture of how pot has single-handedly ruined this poor lady’s life, career and family. Then, she claims that people on marijuana stab, shoot, and strangle each other. Is this bitch talking about marijuana or bath salts?

It’s absolutely absurd to think that a pothead could, first of all, be energetic enough to get up, find and load a gun, and shoot a target, let alone a person. Now, we aren’t saying that if you’re stoned you aren’t capable of doing these things. What pisses us off is the fact that she has no factual evidence backing up her accusations of stoner. Grace’s one account of the stockbroker who fucked up certainly does not trump the fact that three different presidents were able to succeed in life, after dabbling a bit with the herb.

So Gracey, if you’re reading this, stop with the emotional drama and incessant fear-mongering attitude and touch on something that someone outside the Amish community might be interested in hearing about. News flash baby, marijuana has been around longer than you and will continue to be around long after you’re gone. Seriously BITCH, are YOU high?!

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