Nate Diaz Vapes After Saturday’s UFC Match

Image Credit:  USAT MMA Junkie

Image Credit: USAT MMA Junkie

You guys remember Nick Diaz?  If you don’t, here’s a refresher:

Nick Diaz is the UFC fighter that got a five year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission last year due to testing positive for marijuana.  Although the NSAC debated suspending Diaz for life, they decided on a five year ban instead, although it is essentially a lifetime ban as Diaz is 32.

One of the reasons this is so controversial is because Diaz passed two tests the night of the fight with Anderson Silva, and then failed a third.  In addition to that, the third test was collected and analyzed differently from the first two, and it was also handled by a different lab.  Furthermore, Diaz is a registered MMJ patient in the state of California.

Anyway, we bring all this up because the Diaz family is in the news again due to marijuana.  Nick’s brother, Nate Diaz, who is no stranger to weed smoking, was vaping CBD oil during the press confrence after his loss to Conor McGregor this past weekend.

Diaz was vaping Tru’s CBD product, and stated, “It helps with the healing process, inflammation, and stuff like that.” He added, “You want to get this before or after a fights, training, and make your life a better place.”  UFC rules state that a fighter cannot test positive for illegal substances before or directly after a fight, but once testing is done, well, they can go about their business.

While he wasn’t smoking anything containing THC, we stand with both Nate and Nick Diaz, and we think it’s great that Nate was so open and outspoken about the benefits of marijuana.  Hopefully if support like this continues from the athletic community, changes will be made in the future.  Until then, keep on keepin’ on, Diaz brothers.

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