You Need A Solopipe Now


Our friends over at Solopipe sent us a few of their amazing pipes, and because we care about how you get high, we thought we would pass on the love to you.  Solopipe is, hands down, one of the coolest pipes we have ever had the pleasure of using.  The best part?  It’s self igniting.

Yea, you read that right.  It’s the only self igniting pipe.  And it’s amazing.

Ok, so now that you’ve gotten over the amazing idea that lighter thieves will never be a problem again, let us tell you more about Solopipe.  Solopipe is great for on the go, because it packs a good punch in one hit, and you can simply slide the bowl cover over what’s left, pop it in your pocket, and go.  And, speaking of taking Solopipe on the go, it comes with a suede case, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it in your purse or pocket during your night out.

Remember when we said Solopipe was self igniting?  Well, it’s because of butane.  So, when you order your Solopipe, make sure to run out and grab some butane so you’re ready for when it arrives.  And, don’t worry, butane is available at literally any grocery or convenience store.  And, filling Solopipe couldn’t be easier.  You just find the little hole on the side, attach the nozzle, and then charge it down in half second bursts about five or six times.  Then, let the newly filled Solopipe chill for about ten minutes so the gas gets to room temp.  And that’s it!

So, your Solopipe is filled.  Now, before you’re about to smoke it, you may be worried about the flame that’s going to come out.  Don’t be.  You can even adjust the flame height on the pipe, just like you can with a lighter.  And, don’t worry about cleaning your pipe either.  Solopipe comes with small cleaning tools, which ensures that your pipe will always hit just like it does that first time.

On top of being incredibly convenient, both because it is small enough to carry in your pocket and you don’t need to use a lighter, Solopipe is incredibly sleek.  On the website, they offer both Classic Chrome and Gunmetal.  Solopipe retails for a very affordable $69.99, and if you buy two, they are on sale for $99.99 for the pair.  Literally no reason not to buy your favorite stoned girl or guy their very own!  You can get your very own Solopipe (and again – you NEED to) at

Check out our video review below!