19 Questions You Should Never Ask A Pothead

Image Credit:  Success Connection

Image Credit: Success Connection

Really, just stop talking.


1.  How high are you?

pots smokenNone of your business, that’s how.


2.  Can I bum some weed, man?

janetGet your own, bro.


3.  Don’t you know that’s bad for you?

tell me more gifTell me more.  Just don’t choke on that McMuffin.


4.  The smell doesn’t bother you?



5.  Can you light it for me?

how about noSeriously?


6.  Do you have to do that, like, all the time?

shut up now


7.  Doesn’t it hurt your throat?

hit in throatAnd that will hurt way more.


8.  Where do you get it from?

weed fairyClearly, from my weed fairy.


9.  Why do only ugly girls smoke weed?

oh no you didnt

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