Why It’s A Bad Idea To Buy Weed Online


Weed is not a good online buy.

Attention Stoned Girls fans:

Do not buy weed on the internet. Once again, do not buy weed on the internet. And, furthermore, don’t try and sell it on the internet either.
While some people may think this goes without saying, there are more and more cases coming to light about people either buying or selling weed online (remember those guys who tried to sell it on Craigslist?). Here are a few reasons why you want to avoid internet marijuana scams.


It’s illegal (and how cops sting people)

Even in states where recreational weed is legal, you can’t just go around buying and selling it wherever you want. There are strict laws that dispensaries have to follow regarding the sale of bud. With that being said, posting ads on the internet, like Mr. Jeremy James Wallace of Mesa, Arizona did, will get you locked up.

Wallace allegedly arranged to sell an undercover officer $550 worth of dabs via a Craigslist post (again?!). Wallace was promptly arrested as he tried to drive away from the arranged meet-up.

cop gif

Or how about Mathew Alarcon, an El Paso man who was arrested for, once again, selling weed on Craigslist. Police were alerted to a post on the popular internet forum that featured a “green leafy substance” that was being advertised as “top level Kush on deck.” Subtle.


But legality isn’t the only reason why it’s ill-advised to purchase your “top level Kush” online.


People will try and scam you

Let’s face it – the world is a cold place, and there are people out there looking to take advantage of others for profit. Cannabis culture is no exception. There are a myriad of online pot scammers out there looking to take your hard-earned dollars.

High Times recently did an expose on online weed scams. They downloaded an app that made their phone number anonymous and contacted a person claiming to be selling top quality weed online. At first, the seller, D Jeff Ray claimed to have a variety of strains for sale. When the team at High Times called him out on also allegedly selling exotic animals, the man feigned ignorance. Moral of the story: These are shady folks.

who me

Another Incident

Also rather sweet, yet misled man named John had a worrisome encounter with someone trying to sell him weed online. John saw a comment on a Facebook post giving details on how to purchase weed from the poster. The man “selling” the weed required John to go to a Western Union office and send $80 payment for his half ounce (red flag right there!) to Cameroon, and when the payment is confirmed, the “seller” will deliver the weed to him in the parking lot of a local mall.

Furthermore, poor, naïve John used all of his real information at Western Union and wired the $80 to what might as well have been Narnia and proceeded to wait for his bud. He then got a message saying that his delivery person was caught with the weed on the way to the mall and that he was going to have to pay $250 toward a marijuana license or he would be arrested within 24 hours. We don’t know if John ended up paying the additional $250, but we certainly hope that he didn’t.

In Conclusion

Furthermore, there are hundreds of other horror stories regarding the purchase and sale of cannabis online, but very few, if any, successes. Stick to the dispensaries and people you know. Trust us.

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