Check Out This New Weed-Friendly Hotel In Denver


New weed concept hotel in Colorado

Nativ: A Weed Friendly Hotel

Last weekend a new hotel opened in the Denver, Colorado, area that specifically caters to the cannabis user. It’s called NATIV. Which is a reflection of the ownership’s attempt to make everyone feel like a native Coloradan while they stay there.

The rooms feature several amenities, but none as novel — or with as much potential popularity — as the fact that not only is weed use not looked down upon, it’s encouraged!

“We have something for everyone here at NATIV,” said co-owner Mike Alexander. “We have doorbells on rooms, living plant walls on our outdoor patios where guests can consume marijuana on their stays, the Stereo Lounge in the basement, and original artwork throughout the hotel. We even have a coffee bar specializing in CBD-infused lattes.” Also, to learn more about NATIV’s amenities, click here!

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