Nosheen Phoenix And Her Accent Will Make You Swoon


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Nosheen’s IMDB’s profile:

Nosheen Phoenix is a British Actor/Singer-Songwriter/Model from London, England and is of Pakistani decent.

Prior to her Acting work in the United States she was in a Band in the UK. The band as named DeVoted, then she moved on to her solo music projects. She is a songwriter on Japanese artist Kumi Koda’s No.1 single ‘Physical Thing’.

She has been modeling since the age of 20 in both print and commercial as well as several well known Indian music video’s.

Nosheen first moved to New York City in 2009 before later moving to Los Angeles in 2012 to fully pursue her Acting Career where she now resides. She has worked in many major TV network shows such as ‘Modern Family’, ‘Mike & Molly’, ‘Happy Endings’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and Nayyara on HBO’s show ‘The Brink’.

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