Oregon Allows Legal Weed On Flights


As of July 1st, 2015, Oregon became the 4th state to legalize recreational marijuana use. The law states that you may have up to 8 ounces of weed in possession in your home, and up to 4 plants in your home out of view of the public. You can’t smoke anywhere in public, but you can carry up to an ounce of weed outside of your home. AND beginning on October 1st, 2015 tax free retail sales through all MMJ dispensaries will begin.

Legalizing Weed Just Got Better

As if this isn’t great enough news, there’s more. While other states like Washington and Colorado have already lead the way for recreational marijuana use, Oregon is setting the bar a little higher. Not only can you legally smoke whenever the hell you want (well… mostly), now in Oregon you can carry your bud onto an airplane.

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Yep, you read that right. Oregon is officially giving a whole new meaning to the Mile High club. However, I’m sure this understandably raises a lot of questions. How does this effect security procedures? What if you are traveling to another recreationally legal state? How much are you allowed to have on you? Smoke a bowl and calm down because lucky for you we’ve got the answers.

Traveling With Marijuana Facts

According to Federal Law, marijuana is still illegal. Transportation Security Administration is governed by Federal Law and although their intentions are not to keep recreational users from doing just that, their main focus is to “detect threats to aviation security”. That being said, they are not actively checking passengers for marijuana during the routine security checks.  Yet if you are found with weed in your pocket you will be reported to airport police.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be arrested, but it does mean you should probably account for the extra time when you’re leaving for the airport if you plan on flying with your weed. The airport police will check to make sure that you are following all parts of the law.  So yes you can bring your whole legal ounce with you on the plane. Yet no, you cannot take it out of the state. Since weed is still illegal to Federal Law it’s still considered a federal offense to travel across state lines with weed, even if you are traveling to another recreationally legal state. Airport police will check your ticket to make sure that all of your departures and arrivals are within only the state of Oregon. If all checks out they’ll send you on your merry way.

Way to go Oregon! Hopefully this becomes a new trend for all the states that have already legalized pot. We hope all the states that will be following in their footsteps.

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