Legal Weed Makes Oregon Millions And Colorado’s Neighbors Won’t Be Suing

Image Credit:  The Journal

Image Credit: The Journal

A lot of exciting things happened in the legal marijuana realm this past week, and thankfully for you we are here to cover them all.

First up, Oregon collected a shit load of money from their first month doing recreational business.  How much is a shit load, you ask?  Well, about 3.5 million dollars, which is more than three times the amount of money they expected to collect.

In fact, it did so well, this news may push the revenue distribution date to cities and counties up, which means people will be getting the money they need much, much faster.  Based on the 25% tax on recreational marijuana in Oregon, this means that they sold about 14 million dollars’ worth of weed.  That’s a shit load of weed.  Way to go Oregon!

Now, on to Colorado.  More than a year after it’s Mr. Wilson-esque neighbors, Nebraska and Oklahoma, tried to sue the state over their recreational laws, the U.S. Supreme Court has squashed the complaint.

The court didn’t explain their decision, and quite frankly they didn’t have to.  The basis for the suit was Oklahoma and Nebraska claimed Colorado wasn’t doing enough to stop the trafficking of legal pot into its uptight neighbor’s states, and that it made enforcing the federal ban in those states harder, and just plain stressing them out.

All in all, last week’s tally was Legalization:  2, People Who Were Obviously Wrong:  0, and we couldn’t feel better about it.