Oregon Man Barters Weed For Snowmobile – And Then Gets Arrested For It

Image Credit:  Maria Sandberg

Image Credit: Maria Sandberg

Jason Owen really wanted a snowmobile.  The only problem was that the 29 year old Oregonian didn’t have any money to purchase said snowmobile.  He did, however, have a pound of weed, which he offered as a trade to a man listing a snowmobile for sale on Craigslist.

Now, recreational marijuana use is allowed in Oregon, so at least Owen wasn’t doing anything terribly illegal, but still, we can’t help but think Bitch, are you high?!  Why do people continue to use Craigslist to buy and sell marijuana?  Come on, now.

Anyway, the owner of the snowmobile for sale was unfortunately an Oregon State Trooper, and when Owen contacted him offering the marijuana for his snow ride, the trooper set up a sting.

He agreed to meet with Owen at a local gas station, where several officers convened on a traffic stop, informing Owen that was he was doing was actually illegal.

Owen had a pound and a half of marijuana in his vehicle, and was cited for adult possession of marijuana, adult delivery of marijuana, and driving on a suspended license.

And, for the record, we don’t blame him too much.  Oregon seems pretty snowy in the winter.