Oregon State Fair Will Include Marijuana Exhibit

Image Credit:  Civilized

Image Credit: Civilized

According to High Times, Oregon’s State Fair will be featuring a new crop category this year – marijuana.

First, we want to start off by explaining that Oregon’s State Fair is not shy to the odd and obscure.  The fair has historically awarded prizes to misshapen fruits and vegetables.  This year, next to their freakshow fruit, marijuana plants will be on display to be judged by a panel of growers.  This exhibit is being sponsored by the Oregon Cannabis Business Council, and Chairman Don Morse says that nine plants will be displayed.

So, you’re at a state fair.  In Oregon.  Most people have probably already consumed marijuana (as it IS legal there) and eaten their weight in hot dogs and every possible fried food (we’re talking dough, oreos, twinkies, more hot dogs).  What if someone tries to snag some of this primo, prize winning bud?  Well, don’t worry, the display plants will be in a greenhouse and patrolled by a security guard.

On top of that, you have to be 21 years of age or older to come take a peek at these plants.  And, if you’re thinking that maybe you can get a sample or two of the bud, think again.  Nothing will be given out, and judgement is reserved only for those on the panel.

While this might seem like kind of a downer, Fair spokesman Dan Cox says that the exhibit is a nod to legalized cannabis in the state of Oregon.

If you’re in Oregon, or if you’re not but want to be, and want to check out this unprecedented exhibit, you’ve got some time.  The fair runs from August 26th through September 5th.  If you do go, take lots of pictures (if they let you – we don’t know!) and send them over to us.  We would love to feature them!