Mysterious Packages Of Weed Are Washing Up On The East Coast


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Weed Washing up on the Coast?

The idea of living in a country where weed is legal everywhere is both amazing and awe-inspiring.  And, with the progress of legalization, it is a dream that all of us will probably realize one day.  However, since legal weed isn’t nationwide yet, there are still a lot of people doing a lot of, well, dumb things while trying to score some green.

If, however, you happen to live in either Alabama or North Carolina, weed might just unexpectedly come to you.

Late last week, two packages of weed washed up on the shores of both of these states.  Before we get into the actual story, take a moment and close your eyes.  Imagine being super high and peacefully walking along the beach.  What’s that in the distance?  Is it a rock?  Is it a fish?  Nope, it’s ten pounds of weed.  Talk about a good day at the beach.

Anyway, that’s exactly what happened to Ron Smith of Orange Beach, Alabama during a morning walk on the beach.  Smith spotted the package, which he thought to be a seat cushion, and upon further inspection discovered that it was a tightly packed bag of compressed cannabis.

Smith notified authorities who came and picked up the crop, which is estimated to be worth about $8,000.

A few days before this incident, another package washed ashore in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, which weighed about 12 pounds.  The situation was pretty similar, as a couple found a brown, taped up package as they were walking along the shoreline.

Don’t believe there is a magical weed fairy out on the east coast?  Here’s a news report about the incident.

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