10 Tips On How To Pass A Drug Test

drug test

Unsure if you are gointg to be able to pass a drug test?

With some type of weed legal in almost half of the country, comes the touchy subject of drug testing in the workplace. There is a lot of controversy on whether or not companies can or should be testing their employees because of the ever changing laws, and unfortunately right now most places are continuing to test regardless of the legality of marijuana.

Clearly, it is important to be employed, but no one wants to stop smoking weed for a job. And, even if you do stop smoking, weed can stay in your system for upwards of 4 weeks. Trust us when we say that is going to be a long, hard month that no one wants to undertake. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here are our tips on how to successfully pass that dreaded drug test.


1.  Test yourself first.

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Buy an at-home drug test. It’s always good to know what you’re working with first.


2.  Find out what kind of test it is.

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If it’s a urine test, the odds are in your favor. If it’s a hair test, well, you’re pretty much fucked.


3.  Assuming it’s a urine test (as most employment tests are) don’t try and dilute it.

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Drinking a lot of water (or god forbid bleach) right before your test will alter your sample, which is an obvious red flag. Remember, you’re not the first person to think of this and these guys have seen it all.


4.  Use the bathroom as much as possible before taking the test.

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Metabolites will build up in your body overnight, so it’s always good advice to get as much of them out as possible before the test.


5.  Check out over the counter detox products, like Magnum Detox.

Magnum Detox uses natural herbs to cleanse your system of any, ahem, toxins.

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