Pax 2 Review

Full Review:

The new Pax 2 by Ploom is finally on the market and the question on everyone’s mind is; Is it worth it?  The short answer is yes but not by much.  There are very few differences compared to the original and with Pax 1 retailing at $80 less it’s a hard choice to make.  I still personally prefer the Pax 1 thanks to its reduced price and wider design for my hand but check out my original review for more information on that.

Pax 2 comes in at a whopping $279 price point. This is only $30 more than the original, but for that they promise a wide scale of improvements.  One of the big drawbacks of the product doesn’t come from the device itself, but rather the lack of instructions in the box.  In order to figure out all the features of the device the user must visit the website and watch the intro video.  For those not already initiated into Pax’ way of doing things, this can be a hurdle to the user experience.  Packaging has also changed slightly with Ploom eliminating the lube but now including isopropyl alcohol in its place.  Yet for some reason they still refuse to include a power brick which is beyond my understanding.

New to This Model

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Pax is the size difference.  Pax 2 is about 35% smaller than the original and the colors are now brushed stainless instead of just anodized aluminum.  On top of that, Ploom has done away with the old plastic, locking mouthpiece. In turn they went with a rubber stopper or optional mouthpiece.  The bowl on the Pax 2 is also slightly deeper but not nearly as wide and in our tests holds about 20% less herb than before.  While this isn’t necessarily a big issue, I consider it to be a downgrade.

How it Works

Using the Pax 2 requires pushing a button under the mouthpiece to turn on and set temperature.  Once your setting is locked in, the device heats up fairly quickly.  There are a couple of much needed improvements in the Pax including removing the need for lubricant which I cannot say enough how great that is.  Plus cleaning is now much simpler with the air tube being completely enclosed in the casing instead of recessed at the top like before.  This small change keeps the mouthpiece from sticking and clogging around the top of the device.  Hits are as strong as ever and at no point did I feel like the device wasn’t performing.  The new screen is also much nicer allowing for a larger intake of air and decreasing draw resistence.

After several sessions however, we did notice that a large amount of particulate was gathering just under the mouthpiece.  This means the screen does not do a great job of keeping the herb in place.  The air tube also filled rather quickly with plant material and needed to be cleaned after a short time.  I also do not like the new mouthpiece design.  Putting your lips directly on the device leads to the finish being tarnished and makes sharing unpleasant.  Theres few things worse than getting to your turn only to realize there is lip crud and god knows what else all over the vaporizer.  Also on several occasions people managed to burn their lips when inhaling which was both painful and shocking.  Due to it’s smaller size, the Pax 2 heats up considerably quicker which means handling for long periods can be painful.

In Conclusion

Overall at $279 I can’t recommend the Pax 2 if you already have an original Pax or are on a budget.  With the Pax 1 retailing at under $200 that is the one I prefer.  However, if you don’t have any good portable vapoirizers and can spend the money, then the Pax 2 offers some minor improvements over the original.

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