Pax Vaporizer Review

Pax Vaporizer? Best Portable Vaproizer We used it and…

Full Review:The Pax portable vaporizer is a perfect example of the blending of design and technology in today’s society.  When you open the box it is both overwhelming and underwhelming.  The design is so simple that it most people want an explanation on why this small device commands such a high price tag.  However once you get it in your hands for the first time it all becomes clear.

What it comes with

Inside the box you’ll find the Pax Vaporizer, a charging stand, some lubricant, and a cleaning kit.  Of all the high end portable vaporizers, the Pax easily requires the most maintenance.  I found this odd in the beginning since the device only has 2 moving parts:  the mouthpiece and the lid.  While this is the major advantage of the Pax since you don’t have to worry about losing anything it does lead to some work down the line.  The design of the device means it will look right at home in your pocket or purse.  It doesn’t draw unwanted attention which is great and looks like a fancy ecig.

The Hot

Despite the laundry list of things that the Pax Vaporizer requires you to do to maintain optimum efficiency, it excels at what it was designed for; dry herbs.  The chamber lid on the bottom is magnetic and pops right off for easy loading.  The chamber itself is decent sized and should hold enough material for a session with a couple people.  Vapor production is spot on and you’ll know when it’s working.  Since this a conduction type oven some of the material gets burned in the process but it isn’t too bad unless left in for extended periods of time.

During my tests 3 people were able to get sufficient vapor to satisfy us with only 2 fills.  Emptying is just as easy as loading since all you need to do is turn the vaporizer upside down and knock out the material.  Turning the device on is as simple as clicking the locking mouthpiece once and then letting the device heat up.  Pax has a standby mode so it never gets so hot you can’t handle it.  However this does make large groups inconvenient since it constantly heats and cools which leads to some people waiting for their turn.  Temperature settings are changed by clicking the mouthpiece several times and observing the color of the indicator light.

The Not so Hot

After a couple days of continuous use the Pax vaporizer shortcomings became evident.  As you refill the bottom chamber, herbs tend to get stuck in and around the side and are incredibly hard to clean.  This leads to some product being burnt continuously as well as a dirty lid and chamber which, to me, is unappealing when using with friends.  It also leads to some unnecessary spillage in public and a decent amount of waste.  If you accidentally overfill the chamber the only way to fix it is to dump out all of the material and start over which is a major flaw.

The smoke travels from the chamber to the mouthpiece via a small metal tube on the inside of the device.  The tube itself is very small so it tends to get clogged quickly which leads to a myriad of problems.  Once the tube is clogged the mouthpiece gets stuck inside the unit which makes it almost impossible to turn on or off without disassembling.  That very reason is why Pax includes lube in the box and sells it separately.

However if you’re like me, I hate having to deal with lube when I want to smoke let alone being expected to keep it with me “in case”.  On top of this I shouldn’t have to buy special made lube for $250 device.  No other portable vaporizer on the market requires this much maintenance.

There are a couple other small problems I feel must be mentioned.  While the vape doesn’t get incredibly hot, it is definitely still noticeable.  Insulation is minimal and the size of the device doesn’t help.  Another thing several of us noticed is that when the device is vaping, it emits a weird smell.  None of us could quite identify what it was but it was somewhat like rotten eggs which I have not experienced with any other portable or desktop vaporizer.


I can’t recommend the Pax Vaporizer over the firefly for just every day vaping.  Despite its flaws it is still the #1 portable vaporizer on the market and is perfect for anyone looking to vape dry herbs on the go.  The Pax is truly portable and far above everyone else in terms of design and simplicity.

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