Pennsylvania Is The New Hotspot For Dabs

dabs girls

Pack your bags and move to Pennsylvania.  Why?  Because they have weed 6 times stronger than the average strain.  Lancaster County police seized shatter that had the potency of 6 times the amount of THC contained in normal weed.  For those of you who don’t know, shatter, better known as “dabs,” are a THC concentrate made from extracting any lipids or fats.  It is the purest and most potent form of THC.

According to High Times, “Shatter is smooth, clear and solid. It is the purest and most potent form because it involves a second extraction process that removes fats, lipids and waxes. This can result in over 80 percent THC. However, it also means that terpenes are lost in the process.”

The name comes from the light, fragile nature of the substance.  You can drop it and it will literally shatter.  As marijuana legalization continues to sweep the nation, new forms of THC are constantly being discovered, making potheads all over the world very high and happy.

Check out this video compliments of High Times discussing THC concentrates basics:

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