This Is How Much People Love Weed (In Numbers)

Colorado has finally released the much anticipated statistics from its first year of recreational weed sales, and the numbers are, well, pretty high.


Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division disclosed on Friday that 4.8 million (!) edibles were sold in the state last year.  To give you some perspective, the population of Colorado is roughly 5.36 million.  Basically, a lot of people ate their weed last year.

Girl Brownies Spinning

On top of the nearly 5 million edibles sold, 150,000 POUNDS of marijuana flowers were sold.  The data also reports that edibles were more commonly sold on the recreational market.  Between the edible explosion and burgeoning vaporizer business, it seems that actually smoking a joint is far less popular in the legal market.

Also, it is interesting to note that December saw the highest recreational sales of the year.

Overall, Colorado sold $573 million in weed in 2014, which brought in $60 million in state taxes, licenses, and fees.  An estimated 485,000 adults over the age of 21 are using marijuana regularly, 23% of which get high every day.  Colorado saw a mind blowing 9% price DECREASE on a recreational eighth from January 2014 to December 2014.


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