9 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Your High Happiness


This weed smoker knows the benefits and it shows on her face

Sometimes you need a good distraction from reality. Running off to a private island that is located somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is not ideal for everyone. Sparking up a blunt, on the other hand, is a great substitution. Although it is not equivalent to a blissful day on a private beach, it will allow you to tap into a world where imagination is free to explore the simple things and will bring you the utmost joy.

Can’t relate? Well, some things are better explained by action but, since I can’t spark one up with you, these 9 pictures will perfectly describe that high euphoria.



1.  You get so excited when you light up.

launch 2


2.  The first 30 minutes of smoking weed being high as shit got you felling so comfortable.



3.  And you’re so high even the bad things seem good.



4.  Everything tastes better.



5.  Then you get used to how blazed you are and transition into relaxation.

Private Miller

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