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Before I get too deep into this review let me preface it by saying that I am reviewing the Pinnacle Pro as a portable vaporizer.  I am aware of all the waterpipe and other nonsense attachments that allow the vape to be water cooled.  Personally I do not understand why these are even considered in a review since even the makers of the Pinnacle put on their bow “portable vaporizer”.  All of these items completely take away the portable aspect so if that’s what you’re looking for then there are many better options out there.

Packaging for the pinnacle is nothing special and comes off as pretty cheap.  Inside are your standard supplies:  charging brick, vaporizer stand, a couple mouthpieces, and a cleaning brush.

After charging the Pinnacle in its’ cradle for a couple hours I was up and running.  The device itself only has one button and it controls temperature.  Five blinking lights tell you what temp you are currently at as well as how close to your set temp the device has heated.  I must say that while I like the idea of a recessed button so it doesn’t turn on in your pocket this one is just downright comfortable.  My thumb manages to hit every side and so pushing it is both annoying and uncomfortable.  There are 2 mouthpieces; a round one and a flat one.  I tried both and prefer the flat one myself but that is now a moot point since it broke after only a few sessions.


When using dry herbs, the material can be loaded directly into the main unit.  The Pinnacle takes a minute to heat up but once it does vapor production is high.  Now the reason for this is the very short pathway from the heating chamber to the mouthpiece.  While you get a good hit, the smoke is so hot that it’s almost unbearable.  I burned my tongue the first time and it caused my partner to have a coughing fit.  Once we felt the smoke was becoming too harsh we decided to empty the chamber and try concentrates.  What we found was that after one 5 minute session, the herbs were so burnt that they had turned black and were almost ashes.


Concentrates (Dabs) have a special chamber that fits right inside the Pinnacle portables main chamber.  We loaded it with a decent sized dab and turned the device up to its 4th highest setting.  After a couple minutes we started to vape away.  Just kidding; even on its highest setting the Pinnacle Pro was not able to vaporize our wax.  After several frustrating minutes my partner and I decided to take off the top and see what was going on.  The separate chamber containing our concentrate was still full and all of it had melted but none had vaporized.  The wax was just there bubbling away like tar.  We decided to wait a couple minutes to no avail and then let the device cool down and walked away disappointed.

The Pinnacle Pro has a lot of hype online.  I don’t know if mine was just defective or if this is an accurate representation of Vapor Blunt as a whole.  The Palm also turned to be completely useless. Therefore, as a reviewer I must say its probably a good idea to stay away from this company as a whole.  But, if you are one of those people who for some reason wants to use a vaporizer with a water cooling system then the Pinnacle may be for you.  Just be prepared to spend about $230 on the unit and then another $50- $300 for accessories.

Where to Buy: has all the useless accessories you’re not looking for.

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