8 Places You Wish You Could Go While High

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The following is a list of the best places to go while you’re stoned, and they’re not found on any geography map!



1. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – Designed to appear to its audience as though it were somewhere between the UK and the USA, the infamous chocolate factory is a staple in history. Who wouldn’t want to go to this heaven on earth, blazed to the moon, to try any numerous types of sweets.  Just don’t go on the boat ride. NEVER go on the boat ride.



2. Candy Land – Keeping with the brief theme of candy, this Land of Licorice (although only a game) would also be a scrumptious adventure.  Finding the King Kandy and visiting Grandma Nutt would be a blast. Traveling through the Gum Drop Mountain and meeting Queen Frostine in the Ice Cream Sea sounds a bit exhausting, but I’m certain after awaking from our sugary comas, we would be most grateful for this journey.



3. Narnia – Oh how easy it would be if we could justjump inside a wardrobe with the Pevensie family, and have it take us to some magical land. This way we don’t ayctually have to click our heels or eat 100 million chocolate bars in search of a golden fast pass to diabetes. This kingdom ruled by a gentle Lion, Aslan, would be an ideal stoner getaway.



4. Pandora – This planet is ideal for any stoner vacation, not only for all of the many pretty sights and just general good feelings all around, but for the growing of their own plants and harvesting them for themselves and earth. Their  zest for life and respect for all of the creatures of their world would make any stoner feel right at home and full of love and life.



5. The Enchanted Forest – Home to all of our favorite bedtime fairy tales, this magical land is full of surprises from every angle, and would truly make any number of blazed buddies happy campers.  Included are Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, all the king’s men, and candy-covered houses that might have ugly witches inhabiting them. Stoners could surely find roads leading to just about anywhere their heart desires, full of bewilderment and excitement all around.

Maybe we stay away from these guys, though. They’re like zombie gingerbread men, and I don’t know who should eat who!

Maybe we stay away from these guys, though. They’re like zombie gingerbread men, and I don’t know who should eat who!


6. The Land Of Oz – Even if we have to move somewhere over the Rainbow, where tornadoes are a thing, it goes without saying that traveling here by house would be MOST exciting, and a little bit scary, but in the end really worth it. Just knowing that once you get there you are already a hero should bring any paranoid pothead a sigh of relief. All of the exciting characters and magical mayhem you could run into in this land of wonderment would render any stoner speechless… brainless, but definitely not without heart and courage to continue exploring.



7. Wonderland – Falling down a rabbit hole isn’t a new thing when it comes to being high, if you know what we mean. It’s the getting out of the rabbit hole that might take you a few, but traveling to Wonderland, smoking with the Blue Caterpillar and having tea with the maddest hatter around could actually boost your high.  We don’t know about you, but we are pretty sure this is the ultimate land of marijuana of all time.



8. Hogwarts – In this school of witchcraft and wizardry, your average muggle pothead might be a bit intimidated at first, but don’t fret, on this adventure we aren’t muggles but full-blooded magical beings, ready to fill our brains with the knowledge of some of the oldest and most powerful entities ……..not. Can we just skip class and go straight into lunch in the great hall, but only if Dubmledore enchants the ceiling… or better yet what about flying class?  Now something like that really speaks to a stoner’s heart!


These are just a few of our most favorite fictional places that we are certain any and all potheads would love to say they have visited at least one time in their lives. But don’t let us stop here, let me know what you think — are there any other magical/fantastical places that we missed? Write us at StonedGirls.com  and let us know!

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