Potheads: A Tinder Has Been Made Just For You

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Cannabis News, From the High There Website:

Our Mission

As the only global network for cannabis enthusiasts, we’re driven to create a virtual smoking room for the world. Our goal, is to foster a social platform capable of connecting the cannabis culture, sustaining its community, and serving as the definitive outlet for mainstream plugs. In other words, we’ve gone green. And there’s a worldwide community filled with people just like us. You’ve got more friends than you think. And it starts, when you say HighThere!

About Us

We think the world is ready to come together, and share a few joints. So a group of dedicated professionals have focused our energies, creating an environment to meet the social needs of the cannabis enthusiast. Engineers and creatives, businessmen and businesswomen, from all walks of life, working toward a common goal. We’re gamers, yogis, ballers, and boarders. Basically, we’re just like you. And we’re feeling one love too.

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