Pot And Paradise: Medical Marijuana Comes To The Aloha State.



If you haven’t heard yet the Aloha State will be going from Hawaii Five-O to Hawaii Four-20.

On May 19, 2016, the Department of Health announced that it approved eight dispensaries’ applications to operate up to 2 retail shops for medical marijuana. Each business was given seven days to pay a $75,000 fee to the Hawaii State D.O.H. to be awarded a dispensary license, as reported by Hawaii News Now. That’s a lot of sand dollars to be shelling out but we are pretty sure they will be seeing their return on the investment very soon.

The eight business’ were selected from a list of 66 applicants, which included local business leaders, a retired medical center executive, a Hollywood actor, and an ex-mayor. Don’t mistake the last sentence as an intro to a new Gilligan’s Island. We’re sure most of you can’t wait to visit Hawaii and take in the beautiful view, and breathe in the potent kush.

The eight businesses selected for the licenses are:


-Aloha Green Holdings, Inc.

-Manoa Botanicals

-Cure Oahu

Hawaii County

-Hawaiian Ethos

-Lau Ola

Maui County

-Maui Wellness Group

-Pono Life Sciences Maui

Kauai County

-Green Aloha

So not only is Hawaii home to some of the most delicious pineapples ever, you will also be able to get some Pineapple Kush soon too. The only thing currently delaying the dispensaries from opening their doors is the medicinal marijuana must be tested in a state-approved lab. The state has received some inquiries about lab certification but haven’t received any applications yet. As another state turns to medical marijuana, we think it’s pretty amazing that the medical marijuana movement is starting to gain some momentum. Who knows, maybe your home state might be next!

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