Prima Vaporizer From Vapir

Prima Vapir

The Prima by Vapir is definitely a Cadillac of portable vaporizers, it boasts a sturdy, easy to use build packed with useful functions and accessories.  The Prima is arguably a contender for one of the best out there rivaling the famous PAX 2 or the popular Haze V3 and you are going to pay that competitive price for the Prima, yet we think it is worth it.  Here is why?

The Prima is built with a stylish metal housing and a solid plastic mouthpiece which to us feels more natural than the PAX 2’s default piece.  All the parts feel smooth and snug when assembled together while the overall no nonsense design is easy to understand to even a novice user.  All this quality does comes at a price being the Prima is the heaviest of the major brands weighing less than 6 ounces, but we personally think that this is not a big difference and lends to a quality feel in your hand.

The functionality of the Prima is a positive with a 4 level heat adjustment that helps burn either solid, concentrate or liquid mediums with an even, efficient burn.  The functionality of the programming is also a positive with a battery saving mode that doesn’t shut off too soon constantly.  This program helps promote a battery life from fully charged to dead in around 100 minuets which is about 5 fully packed bowls if used back to back.

Another admirable part of this Vapir system is its selection of accessories they carefully packed with the Prima.  The accessories are useful and not gimmicky.  There of course are extra replacement screens and elements, but also has a battery cradle with USB capabilities which makes charging easy.

There is a brush for cleaning the metal tube which we have found that if placed all the way in the assembled units plugs the mouth piece minimizing odor and a pick that assists cleaning the unit but also is a tool for loading concentrates into the unit.  The designers of the unit also counteracts the heat created at the end of the piece (where your hand comes in contact the most) with a silicone cap minimizing heat, but our favorite tool that comes with the Prima is a small dry medium spoon that with fills the bowl with one scoop, which we recommend you carry it in with whatever you place your ground dry goods in.  The last great perk they pack in the unit is a 5 year (2 year for the battery) warranty which gives you a satisfactory vaping experience for years to come.

If you want to shop for an alternative to the major brands of portable convection vaporizers, the Prima by Vapir is one unit you should take a long look.  It has everything you want with little to no complications in any aspect of its build, programming, or ease of use.  With the other Vapir products we have reviewed they have another hit on their hands with the Prima and we look forward to what the company has next in store.  You can find the Prima and other fine vaporizors at


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