Puffit X Vape Pen Review

Puffit or Passit? Puffit X Vape Pen Review

Full Review:  I want to start out by saying I really wanted to like the Puffit X vape pen.  The idea of a forced air system in an inconspicuous package appealed to me.  However once I started using the device with a few other people, we all walked away equally disappointed.  Inside the box you will find the portable vaporizer, a carrying case, 2 chargers, and a bunch of random accessories that seem to be added more to “show value” than actually serve any purpose.

When I first opened the top chamber the gold, metallic bowl looked like it would hold a decent amount of dry herbs.  However, this was deceiving as once I loaded it the amount it actually held was astounding.  I have been able to load more dry herbs into a pen cap than this vape pen.  We spent several minutes reading the instructions because the device is not exactly intuitive.  Once we had it up and running the first thing that became apparent was how loud the fan was.  It easily stood out amongst our conversations and became a major nuisance.

As we passed the device around, none of us were sure if the Puffit was actually vaporizing the material.  Smoke was basically non-existent as was taste.  Unfortunately after a couple hits we opened the top to see if it was actually vaporizing and were rewarded with black, burnt herbs.  We were all ready to write it off at this point but decided to push forward and give it another try.


One good thing about this system is that the plastic body didn’t heat up during our entire session.  This heat resistance did not transfer to the loading cap.  The cap itself became extremely hot which, and I cannot stress this enough, IS THE ONLY PIECE YOU HAVE TO TOUCH.  Loading the device requires you to twist this tiny, metal cap off that has been subjected to high temperatures.  While we did not get burned badly it was not pleasant.  On top of that you have to hold the cap down with a decent amount of force to both start the portable vapes’ heating process and the fan.

In Conclusion

The Puffit X had the right idea when it comes to making a portable vaporize that could potentially be used in public without drawing unwanted attention.  Then for some reason they made the worst dry herb vape possible.  I don’t quite know what went wrong but it seems to me that price was a major factor as the Puffit X retails for $99.  However, even at the price I cannot recommend the Puffit X in any way other than as a gift for someone you don’t really like.

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