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Pure CBD VApors Review

Have you ever wanted to try vaping CBD oil but you’re not totally sure about it? Well, it is a good thing we at Stoned Girls are here to roll up our sleeves to do the labor intensive and emotionally taxing research for you. Anthony Bautista CEO over at Pure CBD Vapors was kind enough to send the Stoned Girls team a few samples of their best selling CBD oils for us to test out.


But will it get you high?

First, we should discuss exactly what CBD (Cannabidiol) means and why it is different from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC and CBD are the two main compounds that are found in a marijuana plant. THC is the the good stuff in marijuana that gets you high, man. Or, as Wikipedia puts it ‘is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis’. The side effects of THC are labeled psychoactive because of the effect the compound has on your nervous system… and your munchie stomach. CBD, on the other hand, is a medical compound with significant medical benefits, but does not make you feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. So, in short- THC gets you “high”; CBD does not.


It doesn’t get you high?! What’s the point?

CBD oil is used to treat many medical conditions such as sleep issues, anxiety, pain relief, and relaxation. Another added bonus is that it is legal in all 50 states. Most recreational marijuana smokers will not be the first in line to pick up the newest flavor of CDB oil but, it is a nice option for those who either prefer not to use marijuana or simply can’t because of their state laws or employment situation. Or as Pure CBD Vapors puts it- “this is a non-addictive, all natural, and legal way to smoke cannabis oil that can really enhance your mood and your life”. Sounds good to us!


Pure CBD Vapors

The folks over at Pure CBD Vapors sent us 3 50 Mg. of their best selling flavors cbd oil to try out- Strawberry Bliss, Peach Kush, and Wowi Maui. Also, of course, we had to do our due diligence and sample all three. Judging overall flavor, the Peach Kush was the crowd favorite followed by Wowi Maui and then Strawberry Bliss.

After a rather busy morning in the office, I loaded up my vape pen with the Peach Kush. Soon I sat back at my desk to unwind and see what all of the CBD fuss was about. Of course, as I knew to begin with, this was not going to provide me with the same high as I would get from the joint I have neatly tucked away in my wallet. But, the overwhelming sense of relaxation was pretty damn close. Plus, I was able to continue with my work and not feel the need to zone out on 2 hours of videos about cats and cucumbers.

Some Hours Later

Later that night, I climbed into bed. I was still a little anxious from my day and took a few more hits from my pen. This time, I used the Strawberry Bliss. I have issues sleeping and I was looking forward to testing the oils for this specific reason. Usually, a few hits of the bong will do the trick just as well. I am surprised to report that I snuggled down into my covers and was able to unwind from the crazy day I had.  The online store at Pure CBD Vapors has a wide variety of flavors including the ones listed here and Purple Haze- another crowd favorite. Make sure you check out their shop to see all of the goodies they have.

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