Rastafarian Defense Goes Up In Smoke

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Cannabis News: Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Cannabis News:

Recently, Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s recently signed in Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  This legislation has done little to help a Rastafarian man trying to get his felony marijuana charges reduced.

Last week Indiana Superior Court Judge Jane Woodward Miller rejected a defense argument that charges against Jerome Scott, 30, should be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor because he is a practicing member of the Rastafarian faith, which believes in the open use of cannabis for religious purposes.

Scott believed that he was doing his community a service by cultivating marijuana.  He did it in order to ease various ailments from chronic back pain to cancer. However, the judge disagreed.

“I understand there are many people who agree with you that marijuana should be legal, but you’re in the wrong state for that,” Justice Woodward Miller said. “What you knowingly and deliberately did in Indiana is break the law by not only cultivating it, but also distributing it.”

Scott, first appeared on Indiana law enforcement’s radar after an unbelievable run of bad luck.  Find out exactly what happened to Scott here.

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