Ok, so not really, but it is plausible, right?  Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time before Bravo or TLC or (God forbid) the CW picks up a reality show about a dispensary.  In fact, Spike TV could probably do a “bar rescue” esque theme where a knowledgeable hippie comes in and sets a wayward dispensary owner straight.

I think it would be a big hit.  Not only that, though —  TV stations could create shows about what happens behind the scenes at dispensaries, or the offices of cannabis-themed website producers (*ahem*).  In all seriousness, though, not only is reality weed a probability, but current marijuana-related policies are in need of reexamination in light of spreading legalization.

Current Reality TVweed

Literally every single TV network currently has some sort of reality show, from MTV to The History Channel to Disney.  While there isn’t a reality show dedicated to pot yet,  I think a concept like this is not only a possibility, but a probability.  Cannabis is projected to be a thirty-billion dollar industry in the next five years.  To put that into perspective, the NFL is at ten billion right now, as far as revenue is concerned.  With that being said, it only makes sense for TV to jump on the pro-weed bandwagon.  Furthermore, considering the success of the critically acclaimed Showtime show “Weeds,” there is clearly a market for cannabis-centric television.

My dreams of an office reality show aside, what about marijuana use on current shows?  With medicinal marijuana legal in almost half of the country, including New York and California (where most shows are shot), will marijuana make a breakthrough on already airing TV shows?

What Are the Current Policies?

I did a little research into the current network policies regarding marijuana use during filming.  Not only is the participant prohibited from smoking marijuana on camera, but the participant is forbidden to use marijuana during the entire time they work with the network.  That means, even if the participant has a medical reason and/or a prescription from a doctor, they still cannot smoke weed.  Are these networks banning any other types of medicine from the people who choose to be on their shows?

Why It’s Wrongweed

There is a reason why medicinal marijuana is legal – IT’S MEDICINAL!  How dare these networks take away a necessary part of the health, well-being, and overall comfort of these people?  It’s not even like these laws are new.  In fact, the first medicinal marijuana law was passed in 1996. Almost 20 years later, major network TV are still banning its use.  To me, that is unacceptable.  I mean, what about the states that have legalized recreational weed?  In those states, people now have the right to smoke weed if they choose to do so, and these stations should not be allowed to deny their rights.  I understand if they don’t want to promote pot smoking on camera, that is their right as business owners.  However, it is unacceptable to dictate how other people spend their spare time.

Personally, I think, because support for marijuana legalization is exponentially growing, we as a public will see a change in these policies.  Unfortunately for some people, this change will come a little too late.  Who knows, though, maybe we will even see a weed-focused reality show before the end of next year.  And, maybe it will even feature yours truly.

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