Recreational Weed Officially Legal In Alaska


We at Stoned Girls would like to say a big “Congratulations!” to Alaska, as today they are officially the third state to allow recreational marijuana!  While the new law makes it legal for adults over the age of 21 to consume weed, it is still illegal to sell it.  You can, however, give it away like you’re Oprah, so we’re willing to assume that the people of Alaska are about to become very “generous.”

“The state is now crafting regulations for marijuana retailers, and the stores will be licensed and operational by next year,” Alaska Public Media’s Alexandra Gutierrez says.  Also, smoking weed in public in Alaska is still illegal, but if someone should decide to celebrate in such a manner, they will only be hit with a measly $100 fine.

While this is really exciting news all around, marijuana has actually been legal in Alaska since 1975, when the state’s Supreme Court ruled that Alaskans could possess small amounts of marijuana at home.  In 2006, however, lawmakers criminalized the possession of pot, even in the home.  So, this day really marks an end of legal ambiguity for Alaska residents, and another notch on the bedpost of legalization for the rest of the country.


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