Police Get Residents High During Weed Disposal

Morocco Drugs

We’ve all stared sadly at pictures and videos of piles of weed burning as a government disposal method.  We’ve all also wondered what it would be like to stand really, really close to that pile and inhale the smoke as it burned. 

The residents of West Jakarta, Indonesia got to live just that.  As the town and reporters looked on as the police force (who were wearing masks) burned a giant pile of weed, some witnesses report feeling dizzy.  One reporter said, “I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask.”  Another said they had to sit down and have a cup of tea.

The fumes of the burning pile of fun drifted into homes located near the police station, getting the residents, well, high as fuck.

Local doctors said the residents should not have any longstanding health effects from the inhalation.   Well, no shit.

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