Review: Cloud Monster Kit

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Today, we are taking a look at the Cloud Monster Kit from Hookah Pen Central, which retails for $47.99.

The Cloud Monster Kit has a great rechargeable portable design with atomizer protank by Kanger, and even comes with 2 mystery oils from Hookah Pen Central. The pen comes with 2 atomizers a basic smoking piece as well as a wick piece.

It is made from high quality materials, including a steel mouthpiece which aids in cleaning and refilling with liquids, without having to worry about the equipment breaking.

The Cloud Monster has an LED lighting system to indicate power. Blue is fully charged, purple is 50% and red is 10% or less.

The pulls are great and not restricted at all, which allows the smoker to enjoy a dense vapor that’s of high quality for a mid priced pen. In fact, the Cloud Monster is noted as being a great starter pen for those looking to create massive clouds!

Batteries are customizable by color, and all are emblazoned with the Hookah Pen Central logo.

Overall, we love the Cloud Monster Kit from Hookah Pen Central!