Review: Ionix From Grav Labs

Ionix Review

Vaporizers and portable devices are surely taking over the smoking world. They are convenient, discreet, and often seen as more acceptable. While they are in high demand some complain that with the smaller vape pens you miss out on some of the punch that the bigger bongs and waterpipes give you. If you still want to get the same high from an oil fueled vapor but the stability of a bong then I highly suggest a tabletop vaporizer. The name makes you think about a device the size of an old computer tower, but I promise some of the new designs are just as sleek and easy to use as their portable counterparts. After trying a couple and looking at things like design, functionality, and overall smoking experience, the IONIX from Grav Labs was definitely a winner.

I’m a sucker for great packaging and was extremely happy with the detail and care that Grav Labs put into the IONIX.I received the IONIX in a vibrant blue color (it comes 5, which are all available on the site) .The IONIX comes in a great foam lined box, with a 12 pack of replacement coils, a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, usb charging cable, dab tool, and a handy, easy to read instruction and tip manual. Coined as a torchless dab machine and the closest vaporizer you will experience next to a bong, I was excited to try it.  

The IONIX has 3 self heating atomizers where you put any oil or wax of your choice, I chose a CBD oil and just simply poured it into the atomizers over the coils. I love the fact that you can mix different flavors or strains of oil or wax in the atomizers.  You can just  utilize one of the atomizers for a light vape or go all in and use all three for one of the best vaping experiences  you will ever have. The IONIX came with a half of a battery charge but after full charging it could last for more than 2 days. The coils in the atomizers began to heat up immediately in 5 seconds, I started off slow with one and worked my way up to burning all three coils. You press the clear led button in front of each atomizer to heat that one individually or  press the middle led button which fires them all off. You then hold down the middle button which allows for airflow and creates the great vapor release.

The vapor was smooth and comparable to a rip from a bong made of really high grade glass.  The coils are tapered inward which allows for a ditch effect and lets your oil or wax settle even better. The coils usually last about 30 days and you get a replacement pack of 12 with your IONIX which should last the  average vapor a pretty long time. And unlike some devices that have replaceable parts, the coils are sold on their site and are very inexpensive.

Invented by the ceo of Grav Labs, you can see the care and great input that was put into creating this device. The IONIX is really a great mix between a vaporizer and bong or any other full size pipe. It allows versatility to use either oils, wax’s or other concentrates but you can also pack it up and take it with you like it’s slimmer pen-like cousins. The mouthpiece of the IONIX is dishwasher safe and everything else is pretty much mess free.

The IONIX is a great device for the new-wave smoker, it’s completely multifunctional and has a great design to rival any portable pen like vaporizer, and you can click here to buy your very own!

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