Review: The Titan 2 By Hydra Vapor Tech

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Everyone knows that vaping weed is the future.  Sure, joints and bongs are great, but if you want to get high on the go (and we all do), not to mention be health conscious, you know vaping is it.  You get a cleaner, smoother hit when you vape, and it’s much easier and more discreet when you’re out and about than a joint or bowl would be. So, if you’re anything like us, you probably spend a decent amount of time and money deciding on which vape to use. And, if you’re anything like us, you know that the Pax is one of the most elite vaporizers on the market.

But, if you spend all of that money on the Pax (and it’s worth it), you’re probably going to want to protect it, right? Well, thanks to our friends at Hydra Vapor Tech, you don’t have to worry about this.

Hydra Vapor Tech sells cases for vapes, but more specifically both the Pax and Pax 2, and we have to say we love their look.  They are one of the classiest and sleekest companies, not just in the cannabis industry, but in any industry we’ve ever seen.  Their product is high end with an affordable price tag.  Currently, they offer both the Titan and Titan 2, depending on the type of vape you have. They sent us the Titan 2, and we are absolutely in love.

Their cases have a sleek and discreet aluminum shell, that looks as amazing as it functions with regards to keeping your vape safe. They come in midnight black, ghost white, titanium, and gold.  Inside the Titan 2, there is a medical grade silicone insert to hold your Pax 2. On top of that, it has a smell proof cap and loose leaf container, which doubles as a way to easily remove your vaporizer to load on the go. They even give you a stainless steel tool to allow you to perfectly stir your leaf for a consistent hit.

The Titan 2 retails for $39.95, which is incredible affordable when you think of the investment you are making by not only protecting your Pax, but also the peace of mind you will get. You can buy your own Titan 2, or any of the other great products Hydra Vapor Tech offers, at!

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