Review: The Utillian 720 Portable Vaporizer

Utilitan 720

The Good

A budget-friendly alternative to the Crafty vaporizer ,with a great battery life and convection heating chamber that offers an excellent vaporizing experience.

The Bad

More expensive than its predecessor the Utillian 650. Greater temperature control makes 720 slightly harder to use.

Bottom Line

The Utillian 720 is a well-designed, well-constructed convection heated vaporizer that offers great battery life, and an excellent vaporizing experience at an affordable price.


– Amazing vapor, very smooth

– Very well-constructed, feels more expensive than it is

– Easy to load and turn on

– Excellent battery life, about 90 minutes of vaporizing

– USB charging makes recharging easy


– Adjusting temperatures can be a bit tricky

– More expensive than predecessor

Full Review:

Utillian stormed onto the vaporizing scene in 2014 with its well-reviewed Utillian 650 portable vaporizer. Now, the company is looking to up its game with the Utillian 720, a simple, well-constructed convection heating vaporizer. The Utillian 720 takes many of the things the 650 did right, such as ease-of-use and high build quality, and combines it with several much appreciated advanced features, such as temperature control. As a result, the Utillian 720 has emerged as one of the better vaporizers on the market, at an affordable price given its quality.

The Utillian 650 looked similar to a flask, and in the looks department, it was one of the most well-regarded vaporizers of its time. Who are we kidding, the unit still looks slick. The Utillian 720 offers a dramatic break in the design department, but is still a very attractive and professional looking vaporizer. It has even been compated to the Crafty vaporizer due to its similar shape and size.  The 720 has a solid feel, is very well constructed, and feels great in the hand. Constructed of anodized aluminum, and coated with a rubberized finish, the 720 is also very easy to grip.

Utillian is building a brand name for itself in regards to ease-of-use, and the 720 is indeed very easy to use. First, remove the magnetic cap, and underneath you’ll find the heating chamber where you can load your dry herbs. If you prefer to vaporize waxes and concentrates, you can load the wax canister that comes with the unit and slip that into the heating chamber! Next, you’ll have to operate the 1 button on the 720 to activate and change the heating temperature. With five quick clicks, you can turn the 720 on, and the temperature will automatically go to the last set temperature. With two more quick clicks, you can cycle through the various temperature settings.

One area the 720 really shines is temperature flexibility. An LED at the top of the unit indicates temperature, and you can choose from green-170° Celsius, blue-180° C, purple-190° C, and red for 210° C. You can also engage an enhanced mode by holding the button down for 5 seconds. Once this mode is engaged, every two quick clicks will raise the temperature by 5° C.

In terms of real world use, the 720 is a slim, professional, and well-constructed unit. Unlike some other units we’ve reviewed, the 720 feels like it could survive a fall. Additionally, the unit is slim and pocket friendly. Battery life is also great, and the 720 outlasts many premium units. If you need a unit that can last throughout the day, the Utillian 720 is definitely worth a close look.

The 720 is also very affordable compared to other premium units that offer similar vaporizing experiences, such as the Crafty, which is 2x the price of the 720. The Utillian 720 costs a bit more money than the 650, but in exchange you get a convection heated vaporizer that offers one of the best vaporizing experiences on the market.

You can check out more about the Utillian 720 vaporizer here.

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