Rihanna Becomes The Latest Celebrity With Branded Weed Line

Rihanna drinking wine wearing nothing but a bra and a fur hood weed

We all know of Rihanna’s love for weed

Cannabis News: Rihanna’s Weed Line

Over the last few years Rihanna has been in the news a lot with regards to weed. One such example was her infamous paparazzi picture that was shot of her smoking weed in Hawaii. She is not just another celebrity sporting weed leaf tank tops and smoking cannabis in public. No, Rihanna is a bigger part of the cannabis culture than many may think. She is now the owner of a Rihanna titled marijuana brand.

Rihanna just recently announced while at the Cannabis Cup in Jamaica that she was going into the marijuana business. The self-titled cannabis brand, MaRihanna, will go on sale in the state of Colorado within the first quarter of 2016.

The MaRihanna brand of marijuana will include flowers, concentrates and edible selections. Flower selections will include the cannabis strains Haitian Haze, Jamaican High Grade and Karribean Kush. The brand will go on sale in Washington, Oregon and Alaska in the near future as well and throughout the rest of the United States as marijuana legalization progresses over the next few years.

This new venture of Rihanna’s is sure to be a success. This smokin hot celebrity is already involved with many ventures other than her singing career such as being PUMA’s Global Brand Ambassador for Women’s Training and serving as a PUMA Women’s Creative Director. Soon she will be able to add smokin’ successful cannabis business professional to her list of achievements!

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